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Top 10 Proptech Solution Companies in Europe - 2020

The outburst of technology has been propelling industries in every nook and corner of the world. Real estate industry has also has been a recipient of it through PropTech, which has been disrupting the entire market and pushing change at an enormous pace. Driven by rapidly evolving needs and expectations of the consumers, PropTech has been the proponent of customer-centric approach in the realm of real estate, forcing businesses to rethink their strategies.

Digital connectivity can be looked upon as the future of property inspections. AR/VR technologies eliminate the need for traveling to see the property, saving time and money. Thus, the presence of a reliable high-speed internet option like the upcoming 5G connectivity becomes paramount. Blockchain is one another technology that has been revolutionizing everything it touches. It can remove the middleman in rental property payment and reduce transaction costs. By having a shared database of leasing processes, transaction history and ownership information can be accessed in an open and secure way.

In the wake of the rising importance of PropTech in today’s business scenario, choosing the right PropTech solution provider becomes crucial. With that in mind, our editorial board conducted a comprehensive study of leading solution providers globally. This edition of our magazine throws light on promising vendors of PropTech solution providers to enhance the real estate industry’s existing capabilities. We present to you ‘Top 10 Proptech Solution Companies - 2020’ who have garnered significant visibility in recent times for their technological finesse.

    Top Proptech Solution Companies in Europe

  • Identifying the increasing desire of Germans to invest in the holiday real estate in Greece, Ferimmo strategically leverages its technical edge in bringing to the table, a state-of-the-art, cutting-edge, proptech platform that successfully links Germans’ real estate demands with the holiday homes market supply in Greece. Ferimmo offers an internet platform that features vacation real estate in Greece, addressing German-speaking markets. The company offers simplified, modern, reliable and transparent platform to potential buyers and sellers of vacation real estate and rental property in Greece


  • The Swiss company Locatee focuses on the development of the same-named smart building platform for workspace optimisation. The platform allows for an analysis of workspace utilisation and enables large organisations to make fact-based real estate decisions. It also shapes the way employees interact with an organisation’s office buildings. The software solution analyses data sources in real time by leveraging an organisation’s existing IT infrastructure. It provides detailed information on the workspace utilisation in office buildings without the need to implement additional costly and high-maintenance hardware. The solution provides scalable insights, regardless of the size of a real estate portfolio. It is easy to roll out and maintain, and complies with data privacy legislation


  • PropTech Solutions Inc. is the investment house of leading global real estate technology companies, GryphTech Inc. and Phoenix Software Inc. It has been the preferred technology solution provider for RE/MAX with over 2,000 offices and 32,000 agents using its iConnect platform. The firms provide real estate businesses in over 80 countries with innovative tools to speed up growth. PropTech Solutions is celebrated for its technology’s flexibility, ease of use, and ability to generate new business opportunities. Its lead-to-close key is cloud-based, multi-lingual, multi-currency and mobile-friendly, fullfilling the needs and earning the trust of the world’s largest real estate brands


  • Synergee is the European leader in cloud solutions for franchise and real estate management. Through a SaaS platform, the company provides powerful tools to analyse and benchmark performance in order to develop, manage and optimise the client's network. Synergee works with all types of commercial network : franchise, cooperative trade and associate, central purchasing, central SEO and integrated networks. Synergee adapts to the client's needs and supports their retail network throughout its life cycle. The company counts over 240 client banners, which represents 55,000 points of sale in 120 countries


  • Tower360 is a commercial real estate software platform that is built for real estate owners to help maximize efficiency by providing integrated workflows, collaborations, and data analytics. The T360 platform is designed across domains like leasing, marketing, analytics, and critical APIs. The T360 is a multi-functional, simplistic, and minimalistic platform which consolidate the leads into a central system to streamline the workflows from enquiries to closure. The Software platform also assists in contracting, approvals, and modeling. The Company’s vision was to enhance collaboration and introduce a modern, sophisticated platform that is light and allows teamwork


  • 3DUniversum


    3DUniversum is a 3D printing solutions provider which is built up by people from academia and industry integrating state-of-the-art 3D computer vision technologies and businesses into new products. 3DUniversum focuses on topics of Image Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence for many years. 3DUniversum is associated with engineers, researchers and scientists who have published more than 200 scientific papers in top tier seminars, conferences, and journals in computer vision and artificial intelligence. The mission of 3DUniversum is to attain global technology leadership in advanced 3D scanning, analysis, and 3D printing technologies for the consumer and SME market

  • Blocksquare


    Blocksquare is a blockchain-based system provider that enables established real estate companies to increase value and liquidity of real estate assets through tokenization. The company aims to make real estate investing accessible, digital, and global. Blocksquare raises funds from public and private investors and seamlessly distributes shares of tokenized real estate investments created by the user. PropToken application by Blocksquare contracts stores information of all shareholder accounts, making it easy for Certified Partners to distribute generated rent payouts to 100s of investors. Trading is completely decentralized and peer-to-peer, providing additional liquidity to real estate assets

  • Brickblock


    Brickblock is a blockchain solution provider which aims to expand the scope of opportunity for real estate investments around the world. The technology-driven company aims to achieve a revolution in real estate by using blockchain technology and smart contracts to make transactions quicker, cheaper, and more secure while simultaneously introducing liquidity to a truly global market. Brickblock offers the technology and legal framework to enable real estate investments on the blockchain, allowing developers to raise capital from a investor pool globally and investors to access attractive investments around the world

  • Drooms


    Drooms is a provider of the secure cloud solution, and the company’s vision of changing the way sensitive information is managed within organizations, along with the importance of facilitating lean and seamless workflows has been giving priority. The Drooms, executive management team, comprises of transaction experts who have a vast experience working in and with global companies, As finding a suitable data room provider is crucial for the success of a project. By focusing on the right provider, a layer of security is added to the client’s confidential business documents. It also significantly contributes to the success of the cooperation or transaction

  • Vreasy


    VReasy is a powerful and flexible vacation rental system utilized to manage bookings, staff duties, inquiries, owners, and guest services. The company provides all-in-one property management software, which has a built-in guest experience platform. The PMS by VReasy boosts revenues generated by properties which are being offered as more than just a place to stay with the company’s unique guest experience methodology. Control all reservations, listings, guest communication, staff duties, owner statements, payments, and logistics from the Vreasy’s cloud-based PMS. Keeping track of the rentals reservations from various channels, easily adjusted prices for specific dates, have a clear view of the availability and scheduled tasks