Companies Using PropTech Solutions Offer Consumers a Better Home Buying Experience

Top 20 PropTech Companies in Europe -2021

Today’s unprecedented times have led to businesses in every sector leveraging cutting-edge technologies, real estate being no exception. This has driven property technology to quickly disrupt the traditional real estate processes, including searching, buying, selling, renting and much more. There have been increased investments into PropTech, enabling the PropTech startups to grow exponentially.

The rapid growth of the PropTech companies has recently gained immense attention, showcasing multiple trends. One of the major trends is the rising demand for virtual home tours that are assisting in eliminating the shortcomings of the pandemic and the resultant social distancing restrictions. This has been a major help for purchasers, brokers, and sellers to seamlessly execute the selling and purchasing of houses. The difficulties in travelling to sites have also caused troubles with deeds and agreements, which has driven the increasing adoption of eSignatures. This has also disrupted the virtual notarization that traditionally required in-person signatures. More interestingly, rental property management and automation are rapidly surging in the PropTech space today. Thanks to the evolving platforms, multi-family property management can adapt to property owners’ requirements in real-time. These platforms offer the tools and support that are needed to bridge the technology gaps and reinforce efficacy and profitability.

Heavily fueled by new companies, the PropTech industry is evolving quickly. From eSigning to artificial intelligence to IoT, companies driving digital transformation are positioned to disrupt the traditional industry as we knew it once. In this context, we bring to light the latest edition of PropTech Outlook to showcase some of the leading PropTech companies in Europe and help clients find their best-match partners to adopt innovative and out-of-the-box solutions and meet the requirements of their customers. The magazine also compiles insights from industry experts, CIOs, and CXOs on the current trends, technological improvements, and innovations in this space.

We present to you PropTech Outlook’s “Top 20 PropTech Companies in Europe – 2021.”

    Top PropTech Companies in Europe

  • Germany-based ASSETCONTROLLER Solutions understands the need to make strategic controlling and planning processes easier and more integrated. Modern decision making requires modern IT-solutions, in real estate strategic planning and portfolio-management, accelerating operational processes.ASSETCONTROLLER works preferentially with medium and large real-estate companies. The company’s solutions empower clients with the capability to analyze assets from a strategic bird’s eye view down to their details. While similar existing solutions in the market are known to be competitive but inflexible, ASSETCONTROLLER’s solutions are easy to adapt and consist of different modules that handle the asset portfolios for base data, financing, investments, profit and loss balance sheets, risk analysis, data-mining, KPI reportingand more, at a corporate level.

  • FLOWFACT’s core mission is to help real estate businesses consolidate different workflows and customer experiences without in-depth technical knowledge and massive IT investment.

  • FORDATA is a boutique VDR company that has cemented its position as the leading VDR provider in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region since 2009. As such, FORDATA’s VDR system supports all the strategic processes in the CRE industry: capital raising, merger and acquisition, document exchange, negotiations with investors, and cooperation with legal advisors, notary offices, technical advisors, or auditors. Therefore, real estate businesses can easily cut down their time, costs, and resources while safely conducting strategic projects online with limited remote access to all sorts of data.

  • PropTech Solutions Inc. is the holding company of leading global real estate technology companies, GryphTech Inc. and Phoenix Software Inc. Together, they provide real estate businesses in over 60 countries with innovative technology to accelerate their growth. Founded by real estate visionary and entrepreneur, Carlos Matias, PropTech Solutions is celebrated for its technology’s flexibility, ease of use, and ability to generate new business opportunities. Its lead-to-close solutions are cloud-based, multilingual, multicurrency, localized, and mobile-friendly, meeting the needs and earning the trust of the world’s largest real estate brands.

  • Provides flexible tools and technologies, which allow real estate managers to gain effective control over their entire operations without the need for specific IT knowledge.

  • Architrave


    Architrave leads the digital transformation in Real Estate Management. The company teams up with PropTech industry and provide the right tools to make document and data management faster and simpler. Standardized and structured data form the basis for new, truly digital processes and services integrated in ONE platform. Architrave was founded by Maurice Grassau in 2012 and employs more than 100 people in Berlin, Frankfurt/Main and Dresden. Its clients include over 70 prestigious real estate companies, managing more than 5,700 assets worth 100 billion Euros with Architrave. Every year, transactions realized in Architrave amount to 12 billion Euros - including the Sony Center, OMNITURM and Millennium Portfolio

  • BlueID


    BlueID ACCESS® is a cloud-based access control solution with smart locks, which Proptech and Asset Owners integrate into their products and buildings. Extensive APIs and SDKs guarantee an easy integration into backends and apps, while the highly reliable, offline-capable lock hardware portfolio can equip any application

  • BuildingMinds


    BuildingMinds is implementing the solution for corporates and real estate investment companies and driving the transformation of the real estate industry every day. Together with BuildingMinds, Zurich has set out to collect, analyze and visually present all insights needed for an effective decarbonization plan for it’s owned and managed real estate assets



    CREM SOLUTIONS is a leading German provider of software solutions for commercial and technical real estate management. As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nemetschek Group, CREM develop high-performance software for companies in the real estate industry. The company's core product iX-Haus offers flexible and efficient instruments for the management of real estate and covers the entire spectrum of modern commercial real estate management



    Floorfy is a virtual reality software for real estate professionals that allows its clients to create 3D tours, floor plans and real estate video calls. Founded in 2016, the company operates in more than 15 countries. Added to that, Telefónica (Wayra) has invested in Floorfy, currently Floorfy has more than 3,000 real estate agencies and 8,000,000 virtual tours

  • Hostify


    All in one solution for managing vacation rental businesses. Manage hundreds of properties and handle thousands of reservations by utilizing powerful tools and features. Hostify instantly synchronizes your availability and rates across all major channels - Airbnb,, HomeAway, Expedia, TripAdvisor and many others. Streamline all guest communication in your pipeline, from the very inquiry to booking and check-out

  • HqO


    The world's leading commercial real estate firms count on HqO to help them deliver a state-of-the-art tenant experience within their properties. Active in over 200 million square feet in 24 countries, HqO is known for its tenant experience platform comprised of an award-winning tenant app, analytics suite, and partner marketplace. Our solutions put experiences and a sense of community directly into the tenants' hands while helping property owners uncover insights and take intelligent action to differentiate their assets

  • ImmoDigi


    Offers platform including a tailor-made app for simple property management that also simplifies administrative work processes

  • Inmofactory


    Built for real estate agencies of all sizes, Inmofactory offers cutting edge property management and automation for real estate agents

  • INSIO Software

    INSIO Software

    INSIO software provides a smart application for managing a business online and an easy way to digitize business. INSIO easily manages account requirements and also modernizes some steps. For example, integration into the OCR digitization system, INSIO has completely automated the process of writing invoices into the system with artificial intelligence

  • IV Proptech

    IV Proptech

    Firmly committed towards generating positive buying experiences with its customers in the field of real estate and properties

  • empowers restaurant owners to own their restaurant, on the web. Its solution helps them take back control from tech corporations who are interfering between customer relationships and charging them hefty fees



    SEIITRA offers a turnkey solution - a complete and adapted management software - to support its clients

  • Universal PropTech Inc.

    Universal PropTech Inc.

    Universal PropTech Inc. delivers a one-stop-shop for healthy building solutions and services. The company has a strong operational track record with an active network of credit-worthy government customers. UPI’s wholly-owned subsidiary, VCI Controls Inc.’s building control solutions have been used in federal government facilities for over 40 years

  • Yavica


    Yavica is passionate about Real Estate and the technology that fuels the industry. In addition, Yavica specialize in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the solutions that make Dynamics 365 work for Real Estate organizations